Scott Fossel

Berkeley CA

Scott grew up on a quiet hundred acre farm on the coast of Maine. His connection to nature has been lifelong. He attended high school at St. Paul's School in Concord NH.

Scott did his undergraduate work in Global Systems and Planetary Studies at several respected schools, including Schumacher College in England, and his 1st Masters in Integral Philosophy at the California Institute of Integral Studies, concentrating his studies in Metalogical Cognition and Integral Cosmology.

In his professional career, after a successful start in 1999 in residential real estate in the Bay Area, in 2004 Scott shifted his attention to the burgeoning growth of the web. A founder of multiple angel-funded startups, Scott's work in high tech has been built around themes of neighborhoods, social capital, biomimicry and innovation. He is currently on leave as an MBA candidate in Sustainable Management at the Presidio Graduate School.

Scott lives with his family of five on a demonstration urban micro-farm, the Fossel Farm, in Berkeley. His wife Sasha, who grew up between Maine and Hawaii, is a Professor at the California College of the Arts in sustainable textiles, slow fashion, and her particular specialty, natural dyes. She also founded and runs the non-profit Permacouture Institute and is the author of The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes (Timber Press, 2011).

Scott's three kids are Finnegan age 14 (scientist, artist, glassblower, firework engineer) , Bergamot 5 (ballet dancer, mermaid, and as fate would have it, faerie princess too), and Beckett 3 (friend of koalas and honus everywhere).

Scott is an avid gardener who keeps chickens, cultivates bees, built a backyard brick pizza oven by hand, and brews his own beer under the name Fossel Fuels.

Given that his life has been secretly co-directed by Wes Anderson, it may come as no surprise that he's descended from ancient Norwegian kings, has been on a couple conference calls with Obama, and was once very nearly struck by lightning on the ramparts of a Spanish castle (ok, make that many times...).

In his free time he is working on a young adult fiction series, the Aleph Knot Chronicles. Book one, Nine Nines Fine, is forthcoming soon.

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