L. Scott Harrell

Founder / CEO in Quintana Roo, Mexico

L. Scott Harrell

Founder / CEO in Quintana Roo, Mexico

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Established International Business Strategist. Innovator. Crusher of Obstacles. I have a successful track record of startups, execution and exits.

I am an Innovator, an Ass Kicker. <<Entrepreneurial Animal.>>

I fear neither borders nor competition!

My primary interest now is meeting the burgeoning demand for video content; specifically, custom video content creation across a sweeping range of needs and budgets.

I am simultaneously developing two new video based projects:

The first is Vtrep.com, an online journal for entrepreneurial filmmakers. Our mission is to position Video Entrepreneur Magazine as the leading community resource for professionals who are ready to capitalize on the unprecedented -business opportunities- in digital video content.

The second is VideoToOrder.com. Currently under development and in private beta, this video content and video services marketplace will become a major hub for custom video content creation, video editing, video marketing and other related services. Our development team is shooting for a public beta version of VTO to roll out January 1, 2015.

I am building a vertical that I hope will one day provide shape and direction to entrepreneurial filmmaking and how the massive commercial demand for video content will be met.

I am working to find a talented development co-founder as well as seeking early-stage investment capital, or membership with a top startup accelerator program, and rapidly bring VideoToOrder.com to a hungry global market.

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