Scott Postma

Teacher, Writer, and Consultant in Moscow, Idaho

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I am a consultant, writer, and teacher, currently living in Moscow, Idaho. I am also the director of Poiema Press & Institute where we equip students and creative professionals to cultivate the life of the mind, seek the common good of all human beings, and apprehend goodness, truth, and beauty.

Inspired by the classical and Christian imagination, my passion is to seek the peace and prosperity of the city of man by cultivating writers and creative professionals who see every individual as eternally significant, recognize our humanity as an image of divinity, and create art as a meaningful way of exploring and conceptualizing transcendent mystery.

I am actively pursuing a PhD in humanities, focusing on the literature, philosophy, and theology of the Western tradition and its relationship to the revival of contemporary Christian humanism in a post-modern culture (anticipated completion, early 2019).

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