Scott Stotelmyer

Musician in Miami, FL

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Scott Stotelmyer is a gifted musician from Miami, Florida, known for his steadfast commitment to his art and the charismatic energy he brings to every performance. Over a prolific career, Scott has attracted a devoted fanbase thanks to his dynamic stage presence and ability to stay in step with the changing rhythms of the music industry.

The loyal community of fans marks Scott's success he's fostered over the years. His engaging performances and authentic interactions have forged deep connections beyond fan-artist relationships, creating a sense of belonging and mutual appreciation.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Scott is a passionate philanthropist. Recognizing the influence of his platform, he has partnered with significant organizations like the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay, Volunteer Florida, and the Save the Manatee Club. Through these collaborations, he strives to create a positive societal impact.

In terms of his music, Scott is known for his inventive approach. He perpetually tests the waters of new musical landscapes, pushing the envelope of his sound. His adventurous spirit keeps his art fresh, exciting, and aligned with the shifting trends of the music world.