Scotty Brown

Realtor, TV Personality, and Public Speaker in Malibu, California

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HELLO! Scotty Brown here. I’m known as the "Rock n’ Roll Realtor" or as the LA Times calls be “The Uber Agent”

The myth begins in Chicago, the City of Big Shoulders, in an early punk club appropriately called Oz. No sign, no license, no bullshit. It was perfect. Until it wasn’t. Everyone figured Chi-town cops would raid the Joint; nobody knew though that being Busted at Oz would make for the kinda myth that becomes legend.

O’Banion’s came next. Before the leather-clad kids turned it into a mosh pit, the Near North Side joint had been home to some of the most notorious members of the Chicago Outfit, including ol’ Dion himself, and lawless ghosts still lurk about. But through shadows can come bright light, especially with the right foresight, and this was no exception. Then, in quick succession, there was NEO, Exit and Limelight and China Club and The Avalon, each as legendary as the last -- and the next

Overseeing all this action was a man known as Downtown Scotty Brown, named for the Chicago's Gold Coast digs and his Rock n’ Roll Band. Brown showed that street cred and skyscrapers need not be mutually exclusive, and he did so while proving that everyone deserved to be heard.

Scotty had a career filled with Courtneys, Billys and Scotts. Corgan’s Pumpkins got their start at Avalon. Weiland’s Pilots awed him early and at The Avalon. Fast friends, Scott turned to Scotty when he needed new managing.

Brown grew tired of that glamorous grind he started scouting locations for innumerable films and television, he knew LA like the proverbial back of his hand. It was that knowledge he put to work with Top Real Estate Companies and made him what the LA Times called “The Uber Agent” or more precisely, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Realtor. He became one of the top agents on Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listings.

2008 brought on the battle of his life, diagnosed in January with cancer. In the midst of all the pandemonium, Scotty got back to riding motorcycles.

Scotty’s accumulation of an incredible life has lead to FX/Fox TV buying “Scotty Brown” the life and times of Downtown Scotty Brown. Brown is working on a Route 66 cancer ride to raise awareness and funds. One of his life other life long passions of “working with others and giving back” has lead to his company, Soba Recovery, being one of the top drug and alcohol rehabs in the Nation.

Now Brown has teamed up one of the top rated companies co-owned by good friend, Brian Troop: C2