Scot Ulmer

Small Business Owner and Realtor in Florida

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Scot Ulmer is a dedicated and experienced real estate professional, who has seen both the ups and downs of the business world. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and three kids. He works as a real estate agent who recently opened his own company, Little Pink Houses Of America, which provides mentorship and training to adults interested in becoming real estate agents or property buyers or sellers. Scot applies his expertise in real estate, which includes more than 1,500 lease-options, land contracts, owner-financings, subject-to's, and ACTS to the position.

A passionate workaholic, Scot Ulmer started working at the age of fourteen, and from there he has grown to see various aspects of business, with real estate in particular. Over the course of his 21-year career in real estate, Scot has developed expert-level communication, management, and negotiation skills, which in turn have set the way for his path to success. Having twenty-one years of experience under his belt, he knows how to handle any type of situation.

Scot Ulmer thinks that being productive means creating and sticking to a working list each day. It is important to him to make sure that he has time away from his office to look at his business from a more outside perspective. As a visionary, he likes to envision where he sees his company in 10 – 15 years.

Having grown up outside of Tampa to a family with little money, Scot learned from an early age how to appreciate the little things in life that most people take for granted. He studied at Ohio State University, where he graduated with a degree in Business, Finance & Communications. At the age of 26, he won the "20 Under 40" Award for a business he founded, called the "Aspiring Minds of Toledo".

An advocate for nonprofits, Scot Ulmer enjoys working with various charities, so that he can give back to his community and work closely with his church on various projects to raise money for those in need. He helps his church collect bread from grocery stores to donate to the hungry, and

  • Education
    • Ohio State University