Heather Murphy-Raines

Seattle, Washington

Red Head. Writer. Wife & Mother of Three. This is my kitchen drawer of thoughts. Jumbled. Insane. Full of treasures...and junk. Deal with it. Boldly going where most women dare not to mention. This Seattle swim mother, former PTA president, former US Army Lieutenant, Costco Gutter wench, Berkeley grad, dog pamperer, coffee addict, foodie, PR friendly, capitalist whore and now screwy, work at home mom who loves her red wine and cocktails is one windy motha full of inanities. Oh, no she didn't! Oh, yes, my friends, SHE DID GO THERE. Writing about coming to grips with realities of motherhood, health, her belly button, the squirrel she saw last week, and the paleo recipe she made yesterday as well as the conflicts withinat United States of Motherhood.com since 2006. No filter. Find me as @scoutshonor most places. Talk to me. I don't bite...hard.

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