Scratch Pratt

Filmmaker in the United States

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What's up? I'm Scratch but some folks call me aka(ak-uh) from my old gamertag :) . I'm a father, husband, gamer, photography junkie, Photoshop wannabe, communication system technician, Navy Vet, hunter and fisherman, dog owner and adrenalin enthusiasist . I play anything. My love is ID@Xbox and indie games and anything with multiplayer. My gamertag in case you haven't already guessed is "Scrtch" I moderate and talk with cool people on the forums, volunteer for the Xbox Ambassador program , and I was awarded Microsoft MVP Award for Xbox in 2011 - 2015. I'm also owner of, a site about Gamers especially Xbox Gamers. The site evolved from the now dormant You can check it out in the links below. Formerly, a podcast host and Editor for Breaking the Happy to meet you! Be excellent to each other and stay gaming my friends!