Sean Prunka

Web Developer, Actor, and Poet in New Market, Virginia

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I dabble in many things. My favorite dabbles include: PHP, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, photography, RPGs, Doctor Who, vampires, wolves, Viking mythology, poetry, acting & spending time w/ my family. (No specific order.)

I only get paid to dabble in PHP (Zend Certified Engineer,) JavaScript, CSS and MySQL, the rest is purely personal enjoyment. I also founded the Charlottesville Area PHP Users' Group (CHOPUG) ... which has since goine defunct, but maybe we'll revive it again.

My immediate family includes my wife and 6 adorkable kids (yes, they take after me.) And a cat. My extended family includes friends, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents, neices, nephews, great aunts & uncles, 2nd cousins, 2nd cousins once removed, etc., etc., ad infinitum!

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