Seb James

Sheffield, UK

In a return to academia, I'm now a postdoctoral researcher in computational neuroscience at the Department of Psychology in the University of Sheffield. As part of the NoTremor project, I'm developing neuro models of Parkinson's Disease patients, and integrating these with biomechanical models developed by colleagues at the University of Patras in Greece. To help parameterize the models, we have access to clinical data which is being collected by researchers at Oxford University.

Previously I helped out as a Visiting Researcher at the Green Brain project in the Department of Computer Science.

I'm interested in discovering the natural architecture of systems in the brain, and proving their validity by making models which reproduce natural behaviour. I'm also looking forward to thinking about plasticity in neural network models.

Alongside the science, I want to promote the use of best-practice software development techniques in computational neuroscience in particular, and academic computational research in general. The wider dissemination, and uptake of these ideas, tools and techniques will give computer-programming science researchers more time to think about the science and help to avoid the continuous re-invention of research tools such as SpineCreator and BRAHMS.

Prior to my academic research, I held the position of Technical Director at WML, developing software for document processing, especially realtime document parsing and analysis. WML's software is used by retail and financial institutions at sites across the world.

A spare time project is - a neat tool for parents which is written using some modern techniques and programming ideas.

Fun jobs I've had in the past include: making magnetic images of superconductors; programming Linux to drive multi-wheeled, electric tanks and designing electronics to drive a massive drill and flame cutter using LinuxCNC.

  • Work
    • Sheffield University
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    • University of Manchester
    • Colorado State University
    • University of Cambridge