Sebastian Gomez

Software Engineer, Father, and Marathoner in Montevideo, Uruguay

Systems Engineer graduated from Universidad ORT in Montevideo, URUGUAY.

I've been working as a developer for many years now. Mostly oriented on Micorosft Technologies and hacked for every layer of it, COM, WinForms, WebForms, Web MVC, WCF Services (and Remoting before that), Silverlight, RIA Services, Entity Framework, Windows Azure (web & worker roles), (a little) Windows Phone 7 and recently Windows 8 with HTML5/javascript and the WinJS framework. In 2014 I started working on the creation of the Genexus Windows Phone generator to continue with the Windows (10) generator.

At the moment I'm very interested in the current bot wave and cognitive services. I've working with IBM Watson and Microsoft's Project Oxford.

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