Sebastian Corbo

Project Manager in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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Sebastian Corbo is a former experienced construction professional living in Vaughan, Ontario. After spending 40 years in the trade, Sebastian is now retired. In his career in the industry, Sebastian worked for a number of years alongside his father and his uncle in their respective businesses before deciding to branch out and open his own business. He founded International Paving and Construction Company in 1985 which, under his direction, had seen incredible growth and success.

Alongside his passion for construction, Sebastian Corbo has always been dedicated to pursuing educational opportunities to further his expertise. he earned his diploma in business from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Now retired, Sebastian Corbo has decided to spend time on two things that he really loves to do: make music and travel the world. Sebastian has been playing the drums and creating music within his community for over 40 years. His expertise on the instrument is not only shown by his pure skill but also by the way that he is able to bring people together through music. He hosts weekly meetups where friends, family and community can come together and bond over the shared experience of music.

Sebastian Corbo firmly believes that music is a language that everyone can understand and he loves to see the effect that it has on those around him. Always dedicated to learning more about what he loves, Sebastian attends the Berklee College of Music as a way to further his knowledge of music production.

Sebastian loves to travel and engage with the cultures around the world. He loves spending the time to connect with his family, the new culture, and the history that saturates a new location. Sebastian Corbo believes that there are few lessons that are as great as those that you can learn by travelling. Some of his favourite places to travel include France, Russia, and Cuba.

These are just a few of the diverse places that grace Sebastian Corbo’s list of destinations. In addition to enjoying the main sights, you can find him checking out the hidden gems, trying the native foods, and engaging with the local cultures. Despite enjoying the fruits of travel, Sebastian is a pro at it! So many can learn from his experiences at planning and executing a successful holiday all around the world.