Sebastian Uribe


I'm a Graphic Designer, 2D Composer, 3D Artist, and Photography lover, learned 3D when i was 17 in Naska Digital Autodesk Autorized Traning Center, grate place, and from there i knew that was what i wanted to do the rest of my life, then at my early 18's got my very first job as graphic designer in Telmex, a TV producer where i get to met great people who taught me a lot and introduced me the 2D composition and animation, i used it to improve my 3d work and to do some other awesome things like post production and integration between real life, 3d and 2d. After that, I discover (thank you youtube) the beautiful art of 3D Sculpting which helped me to give more life and realism to my creations, I took some tutorials in The Gnomon Workshop. And here i am, enjoying of my loved art, keep learning and doing what i love.

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