Sebastian Scheipers

I'm a guitar player and composer. My musical work in several bands ranges from BluesFolk, HipHop, Rock, Jazz to Noise, and all are kinds of Experimental.

Here are some examples:
Toni Crash, Otto Normal, Okay Flash, Levin, [bih'tnik],
Judy Birdland, Kid Konzoom...

Here are some videos:
Hymne, Toni Crash
Kein Zurück [bih'tnik]
Coming Home Levin
Dickes Kind Otto Normal

Here you can purchase some of my music:
Levin "Between The Lights"(2013)
Otto Normal "Wahnsinn"(2012)
Toni Crash "3000"(2011) "XYZ"(2013)
[bih'tnik] "Kein Zurück"(2009) "Stroboskop"(2010)