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Today I want to give suggestions if you want to buy a used pc or laptop .

First of all it would be better if you already know the seller to avoid any unpleasant surprises, but this is usually rare or buy the PC used directly in a store claiming some sort of guarantee which can vary from 90 days to 6 months.

what we need:

• a USB key

• a small flashlight

• and be prepared to negotiate!

First thing to do is getting an idea of the second-hand market prices for the items and brands we want to buy: there are plenty of second-hand online ads in India to choose from!

Having said that we go to practice, and this applies to both fixed for laptops, before turning it on ask the seller if the operating system is original, what software are installed and if the components were changed and if so what, if the seller says that the operating system is genuine then ask where is attached the sticker with the product key and if this question is answered you that the houses then started to doubt (for fixed), if it is a laptop we seek him in the pc l 'sticker must be legible.

Now turn on the PC (Desktop / laptop) to 'start the boot needs to be fluid and after a few seconds should start the GUI boot and this should last no longer than 15 seconds (depends on the processor, memory installed and connected devices) .

Other thing to note during 'boot is the fan noise should be minimal and that you do not have to feel vibrations when they are fixed, but some pc at startup do a checkup, and in these the processor fan may start at full speed then gradually decline, speed is normal especially in fixed pc brand (hp, acer, packard bell, asus, dell etc.).

Once you get on the desktop should start the classic sound of w7 and this must be clear and have no flicker or tear but if you feel something strange careful because there might be a virus or hardware impaired

Now we watch the monitor it must have normal colors and images should be sharp lines do not have to be altered colors because if it could be because of hardware problems (sk video, memory or motherboard)

now click start position ourselves on the computer right-click menu that opens left click properties it will appear the information base of the computer

(Do not look at the yellow arrow) well here check Windows edition and