Tammi {seesbeauty}

Wow, you have really pretty hair.

I love to be creative and recognizing and appreciating beauty is critically important to my well-being.

Computers are so cool; design software rocks. I love to digitally paint and draw using old-school techniques.

I have three Sphynx cats - the queen, the clown, and the elf; they make me laugh every day and for that I am forever grateful. They are ridiculously spoiled. My husband is talented and handsome and brilliant. We also have three (grown) children who are interesting and smart and lead fascinating and inspiring lives.

I don't sleep very well anymore. (What's up with that?) I have a lot of strange dietary preferences and allergies, but I manage okay.

Even when I sit still to watch lots of streaming netfilx and hulu, I need to keep my hands busy by crocheting and knitting. One time, after knitting a proportionally-challenged sweater for an impossibly long time, my daughter said, with pity, "It's a shame you like to knit so much; you're not very good at it."

I LOVE your shoes. You look really handsome today.