Sekai Farai

Sekai Farai


currently engaged in a long-term ethnographic examination of the NYC startup ecosystem from an anthropological perspective. working as a startup professional to augment my research and further flush out the underlying theories. additional research interests include tribalism, intentional communities, alternative economies, domestic terrorism, enculturative stress and cultural hegemony.

startup professional.

demonstrated record of excellence in operations; user research; strategic partnership development as well as business development. several years of experience leading customer experience and building customer service teams within fast-growing startups.

social entrepreneur.

organizer of hack/change, one of the first initiatives to radicalize low-income communities via technology education in programming + entrepreneurship (@hackchange). ideating around an effort to architect planned-communities that serve as scalable models of alternative economy, collaborative living and radical tribalism. founded and led a 501c3 at 18 years old that focused on program design, fundraising and event production for other nonprofits.

  • Education
    • Columbia University
    • Cornell Law School
    • Baylor University