Yasin Sekabira

Katwe Kampala-Uganda

hujambo! i'm Sekabira Yasin, call me sekayasin! I'm the Chief Technical Ninja at Patch-It, haha, Ninja, Ya that's right! I'm a Startup Kid!, i co-founded and write stuff at Patch-It Limited! a software consultancy, Lean-Thinking, Agile Dev Company! Founder and Lead Program Director MamaWalu Foundation and Katwe CoLAB, I started ZeroSquared! and Genda Maaso, a Local Traveller Guide en Both on my radar! I enjoy tinkering with Complexity! Yah, "P = NP, NP-Complete, The Travelling Salesman" I'm a city-born kid, i grew up from KATWE, one of the finest town in Kampala - Uganda, full of creative Metal Makers and Electronics buddies! We too have Takers! << "Ewaffe Bwoba Fala Ofa Oli Yala" ~ Katwe Mubagezi aka Lipanda>> Don't worry!, Katwe CoLAB is re-inventing the New Technical Katwe through Technology empowerment!, ~ "We Nolonger snitch chain hang low and SmartPhones, we write Code, Push Pixels and Engineer Apps for them!, We Now Disrupt the Digital Media" I'm a TechStriker No.9! TechHobbyist! Tinkerer, Tech-Disrupt!! hehehe, that shows i'm MADE IN KATWE! MamaWalu is Ma Hero! Big-Brothers Hustle So Hard To be Counted on the Budget! Yo Gat to Take Yo Hat OFF For The Lead!. Things aren't Always What They Seem!

  • Work
    • Patch-It LTD
  • Education
    • Makerere University