Selina Davis

Web Developer, Consultant, and Designer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Selina Davis

Web Developer, Consultant, and Designer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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From the age of 12 I had been classically trained in fine arts celebrating an art piece installed at the Vancouver Law Courts in 1993.

Being a part of the local theatre arts programs for dancing, singing, and acting led to working in the film industry on 21 jump street starting at age 11.

The art culture ignited my interest in the Vancouver arts scene and marketing. My first business was at age 17 installing window displays on main street between 25th and 20th avenue in 1995. A year later, I opened my first brick and mortar on Pender and Cambie selling consignment, vintage and new clothing.

At some point I made a curve towards marketing and sales using my friendly personality to help both employers and clients get what they needed. I worked at Microsoft with inside and outside sales, later moving to Mexico to run a successful English school consisting of 140 students. Expanding my knowledge into teaching, marketing systems and business processing was a pivotal change in my personal development.

Moving back to Vancouver in 2011, I went straight into the energy sector working as a Social Media Strategist for the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association connecting international companies with Canadian companies.

I worked with and was endorsed by Mr. Jeremy Rifkin, an American economic and social theorist, writer, public speaker, political advisor, and activist. I received personal acknowledgement from Mr. Rifkin on my successful efforts managing his itinerary at a global energy conference. I was also awarded in Italy for my efforts connecting Italy with fuel cell companies in Canada to implement zero emissions technology in Europe.

I've worked in Germany for designing full front-end prototypes then upon returning to Canada, attended CodeCore Development Bootcamp. I was contracted by CodeCore to work in the community and had a great opportunity to research the technical landscape of Vancouver.

Currently I work building successful business models, marketing platforms, and small business guidance. Branding from beginning to the end is my expertise. Where most projects unravel, I bring confidence and tenacity helping clients bring their visions to life. I am also building my own business to reduce the global carbon footprint called

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