Selvakumaran Krishnan

Software Engineer, Small Business Owner, and Writer in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

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About Me

I’m Selvakumaran, a software engineer living in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

My Interests

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Programming
  • Web development
  • Writing
  • Innovation

I'm a passionate software engineer with a keen interest in web development and entrepreneurship. With a strong background in software engineering, I've dedicated myself to mastering the art of creating innovative and user-friendly web applications. My enthusiasm for technology is matched only by my drive for entrepreneurship, where I explore creative ways to bring ideas to life in the digital realm.

In addition to my work in the tech industry, I am the proud founder and editor-in-chief of Wikimint Magazine, a platform that showcases a myriad of topics, from technology trends to entrepreneurial insights. Under my guidance, Wikimint Magazine has become a hub for knowledge, providing readers with valuable information and inspiring stories.

My vision and expertise have not only shaped the digital landscape but have also inspired aspiring developers and entrepreneurs. Through my work, I continue to make a significant impact on the tech community, bridging the gap between innovation and practical application.

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