Semaj Foreman

Artist, Musician, and Mixing Engineer in Fort Worth, Texas

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Semaj Foreman is an American music producer, recording artist, video director/editor, creative director, fashion/graphic designer, idealist, entrepreneur, inventor and Creator Of Future Union Company.

Semaj Foreman records and produces his own genre of music classified as "Astrotech" because of his fascination with robotics, astronomy, acoustics, and technology.

Semaj is an autodidact, and experiments with the drums, Piano, Keyboard, Synthesizer, & Vocoder, but a majority of his music is created digitally.

Achievements Semaj Foreman has won 3 consecutive contests held by the popular website at the age of 18 Semaj, formerly known as "Hit'Em" produced two tracks "Say Goodbye" and "Hustlin" on Vanilla Ice's 2005 "Platinum Underground" Album.

2012 Digitally internationally released his 1st 2 fully produced EP's 1st released on Jan 8th Johnny Mark Jacob 1st official EP titled "Starting All Over Again" & his on EP titled "War With Love" Released on Feb 14th.

Also recently 2012 he was crowned winner of the AT&T Presents Bitten By...A Fresh New Artist Music Contest for The CW Network hit show Vampire Diaries with his song titled "Love Triangle". Featured on episode 64/20 titled "Do Not Go Gentle" broadcast on April 26th. Also had a special 90sec Music Video done by The CW Network view able on

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