james keller

Portland, Oregon.

for longer than i care to admit, i have been aligning user needs and brand experiences with emerging technologies.

whether you call me an "interaction designer," a "strategic planner" or a "short girl with some kick-arse boots" - i love what i do and i am grateful that people pay me to do it.

once, i helped make a company from scratch - and then sold it to fortune one. i was an accidental entrepreneur.

i've worked with many fortune 500s. i've mentored startups with Techstars and PIE. my work helped win lions, webbys, and daveys. i've imagined people naked while speaking at sxsw, tfnw, webvisions, and ignite.

in lives past, i was hawaii state handstand champion, a local knit blog celebrity, and even played the position of hooker on a women's rugby team.

the experiences that i've created (with the help of my amazing teams) touch the lives of millions of people each day. by blending beauty and utility (beautility!) - my primary aim is to work with smart people to make experiences that make the world a better place.