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What to Know Before You Buy SEO Services

What should you know before you buy SEO services?
Before you do business with any company you should learn as much about them as you can. What sort of business do they run? What is their track record when it comes to their most popular services?

An SEO service company will be offering an SEO link building service, SEO copywriting services, and other SEO company services that are relevant to today’s SEO such as social media management.

Link building

SEO link building services are very popular. While links don’t have as much of an impact as they used to they are still very useful for networking and bringing in additional web traffic. They also lend you some extra points with search engines which helps your organic search engine rankings.

When you consider hiring a new SEO service, find out how they build their links. Do they used tools and programs to help them or do they do things by hand? You want the by hand approach of course, as the tools and programs option sent so many websites into a downward spiral when the Google Penguin algorithm update hit. Mass-built links are just bad news, plain and simple. Most SEO provider companies will not tell you exactly how their link building programs work, but the honest ones will be happy to tell you in a general sense, how they will be building links for you.

Content marketing

As with link building, you want to know how an SEO company is coming up with the content they are promoting for you, and then how they are promoting it. If you see anything referencing “spinning” be prepared to leave the negotiating table. Spinning leads to unintelligible garbage 99% of the time, and any references to spinning or “spun content” should set off the warning bells in your head. These phrases usually indicate a low-quality service, and why pay for something that isn’t going to get you the results you want?

Then you need to know where the content the SEO company creates for you will be published. If the answer includes an article directory or public blog, ask exactly how they feel this will benefit your business. Sometimes there is a legitimate answer behind such a choice, other times it is because the provider doesn’t know any better or care if they are putting their clients’ material in a low-level d