SEO Expert Los Angeles

seo, seo expert, and seo service in Los Angeles, CA

SEO Expert Los Angeles

seo, seo expert, and seo service in Los Angeles, CA

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Hey there, I’m SEO Expert. I’m a web developer & SEO Expert living in the Los Angeles, CA United States. I am a fan of SEO Expert USA, photography, and technology. I’m also interested in music and entrepreneurship. You can hire me with a click on the button above.

He is a web professional who has many years of experience behind him. He builds on his past successes and is driven by a permanent curiosity that makes him evolve.

He is very often an autodidact, even if recently there are diploma courses. But in this area, experience is a real asset. He knows very well SEO, and more broadly the Web, and likes it. He is a recognized expert.


Search engine traffic is the most valuable incoming traffic that your web properties can receive.

There is a current myth that “search is out, social media is in”. Sure, “social media” may be more familiar to the larger population across the globe. It is the darling of the traditional media world — and in news, entertainment and so much more…


…however, with over 6 billion searches per day, Google drives a lot of visitors and traffic (that’s an understatement!). Couple this with the difference in the intent of the searcher (vastly different from social media) and you have a very different engagement path … with a very targeted visitor. SEO is driven by keywords and context (Hummingbird), links. Do this right, and you can get a super interested and ready-to-engage visitor. That’s exactly what a business wants.

Finally, when you have optimized your website and serve that human visitor (and bots) with your best content — you have a great chance to convert them and grow your business faster.


SEO (search engine optimization) is both an art and a science. Briefly stated, it’s an approach to building search engine friendly websites and any online asset that search engines can index (store in their databases)… along with an ongoing process for ensuring high ranking in search engines.

This SEO expert is often a multi-professional: he is a webmaster who knows how to code, knows the web marketing and is often an excellent web editor.

It can create, install, and optimize a site in a very short time. His technical autonomy is one of the keys to his success.

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