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My is Donavin Connors. I work for a online SEO company in Cape Town, South Africa called SEO Land.

Seoland Inc. offers self-service search engine campaign management software as an online service for a flat monthly fee. Adapt SEM, the agency’s self-service suite of paid search campaign management tools, is a web based application that imports performance data from marketers’ Google, Bing and Yahoo accounts and pares the actual performance against advertisers-defines goals. Adapt SEM uses this analysis to prepare key recommendations to improve performance, reducing hours of manual work involved in managing and optimizing marketers pay per click efforts by automating data analysis and updates for many aspects of paid search campaigns. The software includes smart keyword bidding suggestions.

Seoland offers patent pending “Deep Search Technology” that identifies a massive range of relevant search terms and converts that data into effective advertising for online ecommerce retailers. The company uses professional keyword research and keyword optimization tools to create successful keyword portfolios for each of a retailer’s products or services. This SEO-technology searches consumer’s blogs and forums as well as published articles, to find out how consumers talk about retailers products. By including every possibility, including misspellings, plural forms of words and seemingly odd combinations.

SEOLand builds a very large money-keyword list. Its keyword generator then brings the most successful keywords to prominence. This list is then used to optimized the clients website and improve interlinking.

As an added bonus Seoland is also a search engine marketing firm. In 2011, SEOland released the “Search Engine Optimization Premier Package” and the Pay-per-click “Pay as you go Package”. Both services feature campaign startups, auditing and training to enhance existing search marketing campaigns or the launching of new ones. SEOLand-Search handles all the start-up details by selecting target keywords, making on-site recommendations, defining link building strategies and performing a ranking baseline. The SEO training covers the basic of search marketing, best practices, as well as advanced search marketing strategies designed to aid in the proper management of an in-house campaign.

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