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I'm Nicholas McDonough, a Los Angeles SEO & Consultant since 2012 with over 6 years experience

Seeing organic rankings decrease after a Google Core algorithm update? Perhaps you need a content strategy to increase market share?

I can address this and more.

I provide search engine optimization services for enterprise e-commerce sites as well as local stores.

The goal of SEO is rank consistently over a long period of time; not chase algorithms.

Once you understand webmaster guidelines and what search engines evaluate for, you simply monitor algorithms updates.

The result is no wild fluctuations and stable conversions.

For Search Engine Optimization Services in Los Angeles, my process begins with a comprehensive technical SEO audit.

Using a variety of tools, I evaluate your site from over 70 parameters.

I speak with all stakeholders. The end result leads to correction, optimization, and a roadmap that generates more revenue.

I've solved many issues Including: Indexation, Pagination, Duplicate Content, Organic Traffic Loss After Redesign, traffic not converting.

Beware of so called SEO experts that guarantee #1 rankings. Although obtainable, it can't be guaranteed. Google Webmaster Guidelines state exactly that.

Stop loosing value time.


Option 1. I'm available for a monthly retainer to maintain and grow your traffic to your site and increase sales.

Option 2. As an SEO Consultant, I can help your team with best practices, guidelines, algorithm changes or solve technical SEO issues.

A. I begin with an comprehensive SEO site audit.

B. Next, I conduct a discovery process by speaking with stakeholders and by data analysis.

C. Presentation, Correction and Implementation.


I provide enterprise SEO for enterprise ecommerce sites up to 5 million pages.

A. On Page B. Off Page C. Site Wide

• Information Architecture

• Content Strategies

• Keyword Discovery & Analysis

• Landing Page Conversion

• Link Building

• Pagination

• Schema


• Technical SEO website Assessments


I provide local SEO for restaurants, dentists, retailers, lawyers, and small business.

• Accuracy in Online Directories

• Content Strategies

• Optimization of Local Pages

• Google Maps Optimization

• Local Search Roadmaps

• Link Building

• Store Location Architecture


I provide SEO services for businesses in Culver City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Orange County, CA.

Free Consultation: Tel: 310-467-0843.