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algorithm recovery, Technical SEO, and Content Strategy in Los Angeles

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I'm a Los Angeles SEO Consultant helping enterprise e-commerce sites and local businesses increase their visibility in organic search results.

If you're struggling to rank consistently or have lost organic search market share, I can help.

The number 1 metric isn't relevancy or user experience although they are very important.

Authority is king.

If you're experiencing traffic drops they can be attributed to “overall site quality.” Organic search visibility can also be impacted to “relevancy changes” if your site is no longer providing enough value to users. Lastly intent changes can also be made by Google. Essentially Google determines based on user behavior that other sites are better suited for search queries.

For Search Engine Optimization Services my process begins with a free consultation to see if we're a good fit.

No hard sell or sales tactics.

I typically like to have all stakeholders on a call.

Trying to figure out what is holding back your site?

I've solved many issues Including: Indexation, Pagination, Duplicate Content, Organic Traffic Loss After Redesign, traffic not converting.

Beware of so called "SEO experts" that guarantee #1 rankings. Although obtainable, it can't be guaranteed. Google Webmaster Guidelines state exactly that.


Option 1. I'm available for a monthly retainer to maintain and grow your market share to increase traffic and sales.

Option 2. As an SEO Consultant, I can help your team with best practices, guidelines, algorithm changes or solve technical SEO issues.

A. I begin with an comprehensive SEO site assessment also known an SEO audit.

B. Next, I conduct a discovery process by speaking with stakeholders and by data analysis.

C. Presentation, Correction and Implementation.


I provide enterprise SEO for enterprise ecommerce sites up to 5 million pages.

A. On Page B. Off Page C. Site Wide

• Information Architecture

• Content Strategies

• Keyword Discovery & Analysis

• Landing Page Conversion

• Link Building

• Pagination

• Schema


• Technical SEO website Assessments


I provide local SEO for restaurants, dentists, retailers, lawyers, and small business.

• Content Strategies

• Optimization of Local Pages

• Google Maps Optimization

• Local Search Roadmaps

• Store Location Architecture


I provide SEO services for businesses in Culver City, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Orange County, CA.