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Hello, I’m a SEO strategist in a SEO in Singapore. I plan out all the Search Engine Optmization campaigns for our new and existing clients. I love to find new places to build backlinks. I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and web development. You can read my Search Engine Project or Articles with a click on the button above.

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Portland Business owners have websites designed so as to get online traffic to their brands. The whole point of being online in the first place is so that you can have as many people as possible read or receive your brands message. In many cases, that message is cleverly worded way of saying ‘buy from my brand’. Great Search Engine optimization and a stellar digital marketing campaign helps you to lead as many people to that message. Only then, can they buy from you.

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Now that your website is live, you might be wondering how to drive more traffic to it. You most definitely need to get your site ranked high in search results. This piece is intended to offer useful ideas on the subject of search engine optimization.

Several articles on different topics are better than one long article on your website. Long pages get weighted less than shorter ones by the search engines. Also, you'll find that most of your visitors don't want to look at something that is multiple pages.

You should look at the source codes on the websites of your competitors. This will allow you to check out what SEO tactics their site uses, and the keywords that they use. Even though you might not want to imitate them, this research can help you think of different keywords and other things to try.

Do this by forming a robots. txt file that gets added into your own root directory. This will not let the search engine find certain things that are on your website.

Search engine spiders do not understand URLs in the same way people do. You want to remember this when you create your URLs. References to page numbers and sessions will only confuse the spider. Make each URL simple and directly related to the topic of each page, for both the search engine and your potential visitors.

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