September Foster

Musician, Dancer, and Actor in Virginia

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Possessing a voice that hails back to a time of old Hollywoodglamour and sophistication, September Foster is a dynamic performerwhose heart and soul lives for the music she sings.

Formally trained by alumni of the New York Metropolitan Opera,The Julliard School, and The College of William & Mary, herearliest vocal coaching concentrated on the operatic arts and musicaltheater, and was bred for a career on the stage.

Spending her time between Florida and Virginia, Septemberregularly performs the National Anthem live on NBC Sports Network,and many other national and international cable television networks.Her tours have taken her from large sports venues to special eventsand intimate parties across the country. While touring for themajority of the calendar year, she knows there is no better place tobe than behind a microphone performing her favorite music from the1930s-1950s.

September loves to keep her friends and fans up to date about herupcoming performances, so stay connected with her on social media!

Instagram: @septemberfoster

Twitter: @septemberfoster

"A powerful young talent." - Hampton Roads Daily Press

"A young woman with a compelling voice, September Foster is agifted performer on her way to great things...there is no doubt thatshe dazzles any audience who hears her voice." - XR VOLUME LiveMusic Reviews

“Someof the best of Friday and Saturday nights’ shows were near the end,and that included...vocal powerhouse September Foster.”-TheVirginian Pilot