Seran Sukan

Service Designer in London, United Kingdom

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Curious, enthusiastic and always ready to learn more! I'm a service designer with innovation management and business development background. I drive community driven impact through design thinking. Thrive on fostering strategic relationship building and facilitating collaborations.

What makes me tick? I'm drawn into and interested in; exploring service design implementations within the fields of creative industries, community building and triggering network through meaningful relationships and connections.

Exploring new cultures! Within the past ten years, I've been based in Istanbul, London, Cologne and Izmir, cultivating an interesting mix of skill-set and knowledge through my educational, professional and multi-cultural background. After living in Istanbul for five years, working for Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci as an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Specialist, I moved back to the UK in December 2022. Currently based in London, working at Barclays as a Senior Service Designer. Always looking forward to experience new learning journeys!

How about life? Besides work, you can find me enjoying myself with: Lindy hop-solo jazz dances, creative writing, analog photography and playing around with some water-colour work. I'm keen on building a life between UK and Turkey in near future and often dream about experiencing a life with best of both worlds!

Feel free to reach out! [email protected]