Serenity Caldwell

Boston, MA

I like hats. The real and the metaphoric. It's become a (good) problem.

I write, edit, opine, shoot photos, and geek out over at

I create funny accents and direct for a radio theatre podcast.

I am the child of two musicians. I think in song and melody.

I scribble cartoons on post-its and outside the margins.

I like talking to colleagues and strangers about tech.

I live for brilliant punnery and good conversation.

I know way too much about building ebooks.

I write. A lot. Everywhere and in-between.

I enjoy going fast. Especially on skates.

I coach kids and adults on skates, too.

I take too many photographs.

I will talk for hours about:

• American History

• Technology

• TV & Film

• Star Wars

• Theatre & Radio

• Books

  • Work
    • iMore
  • Education
    • Hampshire College
    • LA County HS for the Arts