Between the sheets.

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Let me introduce...

Anonymous92126, in other words - ME!
The voice behind Sexclusive!

I will keep this very light and casual,
as you will get to know later on - is just how I roll.

I've been wondering just how much of myself I should pour
into this little blog. How deep shall we dip?
OR should I be mysteriously seductive and let you guys
make me what you desire?

Maybe there is an in-between that we can use.
So here we go.
Only the things I find that you need to know to get
under my skin.

I was born in the early 90's.
The decade that gave us The Smurfs, grunge, cable TV
and THE INTERNET. Not to mention the best euro-dance.

My little Pony was all the rage and porn was still in the closet
- as were most gays.
There was no BITCH - I'M FABULOUS.
Thank god we outgrew from hiding all the good stuff
and finally outed SEX .

I was raised in a sheltered environment.
And in my early teens Sex and the City * was the closest thing to porn I had ever seen.

Boy, have things changed...

Now sex is everywhere.
And taboos are becoming a source of rauchy humour.
That's the way the new millennium likes it!

I'm just your every-day-nerdy-brunette
with a sense of personal style and a pair of tits.
I don't look like I was ripped of a fashion magazine.

But there is something that makes me rather exquisite.
And it's not the way I look. Believe it or not.
It's just confidence and the afterglow of a good orgasm.
Yea, you heard me - an ORGASM - women can have 'em too.

An orgasm a day keeps the frown away!

So lets indulge ourselves to pleasure and life.
And get this thing going with a good-old-fashioned FAP.

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