Steven Feldman

Consultant in British Columbia, Canada

I am a seasoned Investor Relations - Capital Markets Executive, trader and investor with more than 25 year of experience.

Only @CanadaPotStocks (Unlike other so called US based ‘pot stock’ commentators) has decades of work experience on Bay and Howe Street, works in the heart of Canada’s Venture markets and is a proud multi-generational Canadian.

I created and manage Twitter's top Cannabis Sector Social Media account @CanadaPotStocks - The #1 source for information & opportunity in the emerging legal cannabis sector - with millions of twitter impressions monthly.

You can also listen to #CanadaPotTalks my weekly radio show dedicated to all things Cannabis on Pulse 107.7 FM

With the flourishing market in medicinal marijuana and the Liberal Governments legislation to legalize recreational marijuana, the Canadian capital markets saw a new 'gold rush' as Health Canada licenced Cannabis growers and Cannabis sector businesses went public attracting investor interest. I found a big void in getting quality information about the Canadian Cannabis sector and started @CanadaPotStocks


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