Swiss Alliance Group

Swiss Alliance Group excels in providing safe investment opportunities for vacation owners through its specially crafted deferred annuity. This unique strategy rewards the owners of timeshares and other vacation properties by returning their initial investment and vacation expenses back to them over time. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, Swiss Alliance Group's strategy of mixing vacation ownership with insurance has become a popular way to secure assets for retirement while simultaneously enjoying vacation ownership at some of the world's grandest resorts.

The independently owned company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, offers investors a fixed investment product designed to proliferate funds. The owner gets a one-time return upon maturity of the annuity. Through Swiss Alliance Group's popular and unique program, vacation owners can negotiate an agreement to include vacation costs such as airline tickets and maintenance fees. Swiss law backs the annuities, requiring annuity companies to maintain a security fund, plus an additional margin, separate from their operating assets in order to cover their obligations. A huge bonus of such annuities is that they are free from taxation. The company earns its fee by investing over the term of the annuity and keeping any amount earned that surpasses the fixed sum returned to the client.

Swiss Alliance Group makes earning money while on vacation simple and fun. The company has established partnerships with luxury resorts in exotic locations around the world. Forging a link between ownership and insurance provides an added advantage to resort survival in a competitive industry. The company extends the annuity benefit with no responsibility to the resort. An expert investment team handles the details, and the resort gets new vacation owners with elevated value to their commitment.

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