Shabab Khan

Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Completly Fathomless... Megalomaniac (one who loves power and its misuse) One who never forgets nor forgives, who never trusts... Have very deep sense of 'amour propré..' If I Love... I Love beyond limitations... If I hate... I Hate beyond imagination... Very Sensitive... (...sometimes ppl can't even guess that they offend and enter into my hate list..) Love children, Love flowers, Birds, Green fields, Mountain peeks and everything nature made. . . Can't see anyone in trouble, and try to pull one out of mess, which makes one dubious. . .as i am not supposed to help anyone. Always open for new ideas... Innovative, Adventurous, Humourous... Always try to find something new in everything... Always do what I want and never do what I don't... God-fearing but not so religious... Usually i keep myself a little away from rituals, yet sometime I do it too for a loved one, lyk my wife and only daughter. An Outfoxer... (encourage one who ever tries to ditch me.And let one be assured that i am being duped so easily. Wait endlessly to let the person feel victor, and when it happens I strike. God Gifted skill to understand human psychology ...and i seldom fail in understanding people (my wife is an exception...) Tech-Savvy... Loves gadgets. Always keep a game plan for every situation which is hidden away even from God... And, a magnet who pulls everybody who approches... Leg-pulling and Back-biting never bother me... Always Honest with myself and my work. Trust on my own Instincts... Dare to speak... Can never be overpowered... 'NEVER SAY DIE...' attitude always makes me a Winner... *Manufacturer and Exporter of Leather Goods, Woollen Carpets, Home Decore. ~~~~~~~~~ As a Businessman~ [My Leadership Style] •Delegative •Sometime Authoritative [The Political Leader I admire the most] •Martin Luther King Jr. [The Business Leader I admire the most] •J.R.D. Tata [The Leadership lesson I remember the best] •Appearance and content are two different things. Don't pass judgement too soon. *

  • Work
    • Topshabab
  • Education
    • St.Joseph"s Convent Allahabad
    • Allahabad University