Shabnaz Taherkhani

An Associate in Cardiology and Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, Shabnaz Taherkhani has led a diverse career. In addition to her work in medicine, Taherkhani has also served as a yoga instructor. Shabnaz Taherkhani earned an Associate of Science at Montgomery College in Maryland, where she made the dean’s list, and a Bachelor of Arts from Maryland University. In her teens, Taherkhani began studying yoga seriously, traveling to India to receive certification in hatha yoga. The style of yoga is meant to be practiced in all aspects of life for 24 hours a day. Taherkhani began teaching yoga at age 17 and has since branched out into other disciplines, including meditation and reiki. She has held the title of Reiki Master since the age of 24. In addition, Shabnaz Taherkhani has worked as a commercial model and makeup artist. Certified by Clinique, Taherkhani possesses specialized training to help actors develop the right look and feel for their roles prior to a television or film shoot. Her work as a makeup artist involves following makeup plans set by the director and conducting research into appropriate techniques for the shoot under consideration. As a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer, Shabnaz Taherkhani conducts medical evaluations. Shabnaz Taherkhani then produces reports for the cardiologist responsible for the patient. In her spare time, Shabnaz Taherkhani enjoys reading, particularly books on psychology, yoga, and astrology. Shabnaz Taherkhani is currently writing a book called The Circle about her yoga experiences.