Shafqat Dad

Owner and CEO in High Wycombe, United Kingdom

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Shafqat Dad is a skilled entrepreneur and a Real Estate and Hospitality businessman who founded S Dad Homes, a real estate and construction business.

Through S Dad Homes, Shaf Dad works to refurbish and construct new homes, hotels, and short-term housing apartments throughout Wycombe Heights. He is incredibly passionate about creating and actualizing his new properties while also saving neglected buildings through restoration. Currently, as Director and CEO of S Dad Homes, Shaf is managing Buckingham Hotel, Wendover Arms, and Buckingham Laundry, a business which provides laundry services for his hotels.

After qualifying as a Chartered Management Accountant, Shafqat Dad is able to handle all aspects of his future businesses. During this time, Mr. Dad worked for a number of companies as an accountant while diligently building out a property portfolio. In 2003, Shafqat took the leap and opened his own business. The rest is history.

Shafqat Dad doesn’t run his business just for profit; he is a self-made entrepreneur because he possesses a genuine passion for the industry. Mr. Dad frequently looks forward to refurbishing unloved properties and transforming them into a place his tenants and purchases can call home. In his spare time, Shafqat is a self-described car enthusiast with a particularly keen interest in rare Porsches. Each bank holiday in August, Mr. Dad treats himself by attending the Wendover Arms Hotel car festival to fuel his interests.