Shailesh Dash

Investment Management Firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Shailesh Dash

Investment Management Firm in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Established in 2010 by Shailesh Dash, Al Masah Capital Limited is one of the fastest growing alternative investment management firms in the MENA and SEA region, for entities and individuals that want to get involved with private equity investments across Healthcare, Education, Food and Beverage and Logistics, as well as other asset management and real estate advisory. The company takes great pride in providing in depth knowledge while generating predictable returns.

It has not taken long for Al Masah Capital Limited to establish itself as an industry leader, thanks to above average returns and a bold approach to the future. This has led to the company successfully raising over $1bn since opening its doors.


Al Masah Capital Limited will continue to build its alternative investment management platforms in the North Africa and Middle East and South East Asia regions.

The mission of the company is simple: to achieve a leadership position in the markets it operates in, generate superior returns for investors and continue to serve the community to the highest standards. This includes leading the industry in terms of assets under management and advisory as well as being the employer of choice.

Al Masah Capital Limited plans on reaching this goal by offering customer centric services in private equity, real estate, and asset management. Additionally, the company remains dedicated to its commitment to hire and retain the best talent.

Al Masah Capital reports MENA recorded 16 private equity deals worth $2.6b

First half of 2015 reflects ongoing economic and investment growth in the region

Al Masah Capital Limited, one of the leading asset management firms in the MENA and SEA regions, has released its biannual report, which shows that MENA recorded private equity activity worth $2.6 billion and IPOs worth $914 million. The staggering figures come on the back of a steady economic outlook for the MENA region, which is forecasted at 2.4% in 2015 for oil-exporting countries.

Surveying wealth creating vehicles and funds, IMF recorded a growing economic landscape in the Middle East and North Africa despite a slump in oil prices and increasing regional conflicts. Oil-exporting countries shall remain steady at 2.4% in 2015, while growth in oil-importing countries will strengthen from 3.0% in 2014 to 4.0% in 2015, supported by the ongoing recovery in the Eurozone’s i