William Shakespeare

Writer, Actor, and Director in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom

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Good Morrow,Ladies & Gentlemen!!This is William Shakespeare.Want to know about me?I didn't know all of you,allover the world,love me so much!'Cause, at the time of my death 400 years ago,I wasn't that popular.I'm grateful,that you remembered me so grandly in 2016.In 2018,I'll be resurrected by a good-fellow named Tukun Nurul Momen.My reemergence will be made by a strange medium which he calls a 'Movie'or'Cinema'.I've never heard of those things.I hope you'll come to receive me!!Given below are the reasons,in his words,why he felt the need to resurrect me:

"William Shakespeare is the best genius of all-time.

This film,WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE,is the introductory (pilot) movie in a long franchise of movies starring Shakespeare.It is just the depiction of the reemergence of him.

This movie begins with a sonnet in the prologue,as Romeo & Juliet and its second act begins.But it's Shakespeare's sonnet number MMXIV.Thefilm ends with a sonnet in the Epilogue as Henry V & VIII,which is Shakespeare's sonnet number MMXV.But how many sonnets did Shakespeare write?Only 154.Nevertheless,the sonnets are in Shakespeare's own words.

Apart from Shakespeare as the protagonist,this film depicts other luminaries as Michelangelo,Galileo & Cervantes.All these great men had many things in common.This film is the result of threadbare research on them.Yet this is a complete work of fiction.

This movie touches all his plays,either in dialogue or anything else,which will be spotted by experts,but yet the amusement on the part of the audience who doesn't know that,will never be hampered.This film also touches his Sonnets,Venus and Adonis,The Phoenix & Turtle,A Lovers Complaint,The Passionate Pilgrim and Rape of Lucrece.That means,his complete works are,in someway or other,incorporated in this film.This aspect of the movie will open a new dimension to the worldwide audience of this film,as it will be released the world-over in 2018.The specific feature of this specialty is:The producers will organize a competition for every moviegoer allover the world,beginning from Shakespeare scholars to school children.The quiz will be:The viewer has to find out all or as many points as possible,in the course of the film,where Shakespeare's dialogues or lines were used & how or what changes were made to them.The film-goer who can point out the most connections will be awarded a grand prize & many others will also get prizes."

Thou shalt meet me at the Cinemas!!!