Mohammed Shammas (Oliyath)

Software Engineer, Musician, and Volunteer in Bengaluru, India

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A Few Principles I live With...

Live & Let Live, Take It Easy, Nothing Than Honesty, Patience Is The Best Quality, Keep Smiling :-), There Is Something To Learn Even From The Newborn, You Can Never Hide A Thing From Allah, Help Even If You Know You Wont Get A Thing In Return, Only The Almighty Can Help You Not To Be At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time.

My Islam:

Founder, MAUNIMA (Muslims Against Un-Islamic Muslim Acts)

Founder Member, Al-Fajr Institute, Bangalore


My Family:

My Work:
Advisory Software Engineer, IBM
Co-Founder, Check4Spam (
President, AapKaPath (

My Music:
Active Member of BBG (Bhoole Bisre Geet)

SoundCloud Profile:

My Album:
Kaash (

My Sports:
Executive Member of Beatrice Sports Club, Thalassery (
Founder Member of Beatrice Bangalore Cycling Group (

My Photography:

  • Work
    • IBM Systems & Technology Lab, India
  • Education
    • St. Aloysius College, Mangalore
    • St. Joseph's Boys High School, Tellicherry