Shana Whitmarsh

Entrepreneur, Web Developer, and Designer in Las Vegas, Nevada

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I'm fascinated with creating a better tomorrow and what that means for everyone who will be living in it. Currently, that means creating a safer tomorrow where we our quality of life is improved and we enjoy our freedoms.

I'm a futurist and technologist who designs systems and software to meet and anticipate demand for current and future markets. I’m an award-winning master designer and developer with seventeen years of experience designing and building successful e-commerce businesses, software and web presences.

Whitmarsh Research Group invents, develops and incubates lifesaving technologies to improve business, society and quality of life.

Whitmarsh Media Group presents media in surprising new ways, building upon our roots in entertainment, broadcast media, e-commerce and Internet publishing. Here is where many of my designs become new ways for the public to visualize and experience media.

Fly Right Systems is a startup that will introduce a green renewable energy drone that can stay aloft for two hours and subsequent models with much longer flight durations built from technology that has been in development since 2003 with Peter Whitmarsh.

Chromacor is a digital agency that specializes in e-commerce systems and development, visual branding and online marketing. The e-commerce businesses that we develop generate millions of dollars for our clients.

I'm impressed that you got this far. Back in 1994, I predicted the healthy fast food trend when I created a healthy burger ad campaign for Burger King as a final school project. The campaign featured healthy menu items including a turkey burger, a falafel burger and a veggie burger, which became the BK Veggie in 2000. The project earned me an "A" and an award from the San Diego Ad Club.

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