Shane Lennon


Digital CMO + Product + Biz Dev, strategic market builder and digital transformation. . Born in Dublin and moved to New York in the 90s. A marketing, product, business development and technology operations executive who has built teams with direct responsibility for revenue, marketing, product and operations, even with a stint as CTO. Led the building and transformation of companies in multiple market sectors across digital, social media, mobile, wearable tech, software/SaaS and products for both B2B and B2C markets, company and agency side. I takes a (founder’s) vision and create the map for the organization to build the steps and goals to successful execution across teams, with a CEO like focus on top line growth. Anticipates, prepares and pulls the “levers” for growth. A leader on 4 successful exits; 2 acquired by F500 companies (Oracle & Pitney Bowes); 1 x IPO on NASDAQ; a joint venture with Weibo China; advised over 20 startups and raised over $80M from VC and institutional investors. 1st generation leader in emerging markets – the web, SaaS, mobile, social media and wearable tech. Hobby (passion) is rugby (still play old boys) and coach my son and the Manhattan Youth Rugby teams, and loves food, preferably cooking it – you can see it all over my instagram. #CMO #COO #marketing #CEO #Digital. Let me know what I can do for you! Check out the latest @KEMPTech

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