Shannon Panzo


How Capable is Your Mind? By Shannon Panzo Unless you happen to belong to an extremely small minority of people who are considered geniuses, you probably consider yourself to possess only average mental capabilities.

Perhaps you would even hasten to point out how poorly your mind works in comparison to others you know. Yet have you ever considered that the blame may not lie with your brain, but with the fact that you do not know how to utilize its full capacity? If you think of geniuses throughout history, you may say you could never compare.

Take Albert Einstein for example. How could you ever approach the powers of his mind? Yet Einstein himself recorded the secret to employing the brain's full capabilities, discovered after his death. This information must overturn how we look at ourselves, for if one such as Einstein reveals that his genius originated not as an exclusive gift but as a developed ability, then you also may attain the heights of genius.

Science tells us that our normal pattern of life draws upon a mere two percent of our brain function. If we cultivated even a portion of that unused mental capacity, our intelligence and competence would increase exponentially. One particularly important aspect involves how we receive information. Young children absorb everything at an amazing rate, but as they grow older, they gradually lose that capability. Most people dismiss this occurrence as the result of an aging brain.

Yet what if you have only trained yourself to forget that ability? Precisely this supposition inspired Richard Welch to study the mind's ability, leading to the creation of ZoxPro Training, which relies on mental photography. This enables a rate of at least 100 times the normal rate of the intake of information. The process, called ZOXing, allows you to cover no less than 25,000 words per minute for lifetime retention.

About the author: Shannon Panzo, Brain Management Expert, follows in the footsteps of his mentor, Richard Welch, who is the Father of Mental Photography, offering the amazing ZOX Pro Training system at to customers throughout