Shannon Lee Douma

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Neimologist in Randolph, Wisconsin

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My name really should of been "Jack" for I love learning about everything , I have a aptitude for Patterns, Math , Computers anything Mechanical or Electrical. Algorithms is my next big thing to learn.

I specialize in Neimology Science® for it shows the patterns of the placement of the letters in a name.

I have often pondered in my head in why names were changed in the bible, and I get it now.

Studying about Religion's to Green Energy and everything in between.

My goal really is to be a better me and help others along their journey as well.

Neimology has helped me see more about people and myself. I’m a small business owner at Adtext LLC living in Randolph, Wisconsin. I am a fan of coffee, education, and gardening. I’m also interested in technology and entrepreneurship. You can book a consultation with a click on the button above.

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