Shannon Greffe

Teacher in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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I am a teacher with the Ottawa Catholic School Board. I have been teaching for 10 years. My teaching experience ranges from grade 7 - 12. Also, I spent five years working in resource. I have been back in the classroom for 3 years and loving every second. I teach grade 11 College and Workplace English and the Literacy Course.

My interests range from education to DIY. I am also interested in fitness, coffee, and reading. I am a mom of 2. My daughter is 7, who plays ringette and my son is 6, who plays hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. They are busy little monsters.

My husband and I love working around the house completing renovations and working in the backyard. We are currently coming to the end of maple syrup season. We will do one last boil this coming weekend. This has certainly been our most productive season yet.

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