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Practice Appropriate Care For Your Hard-Earned Glass Awards Using These Materials

There is a range of ways that a business can carry out to recognise effective staff members. This is important as when you grant reward to outstanding people, you reinforce the workplace attitude you like to see the most. One of the common means of showing appreciation is offering glass awards to recognise their workers' effort.

Individuals receive awards for various reasons. Regardless of what it is, getting them can make us feel good. Maybe you have a display cabinet stuffed with them, or you only have a few in your possession. Looking at displays of shiny and clean glass plaques and awards is fulfilling itself. All you require are several things. Below are some of the materials you can utilise to keep those accolades tidy:

1. Dry rag

While the souvenirs of your dedication must always be kept in great condition, sometimes their appropriate care is neglected which can be noticed when the dirt has accumulated. In case your glass plaque award is coated by a layer of dirt, utilising a rag is going to be handy. Get a dry cleaning rag to entirely get rid of them. Even old t-shirts that you no longer use can clean up the physical remembrance of your passion and dedication.

2. Cloth and soapy water

In case your glass awards are dirtied by light scratches, use a cloth and some soapy water. First, wipe down the item with a dry rag to eliminate the grime. And then you can shake out the dust from the rag or find another piece of cloth to dip in the soapy water. Carefully rub down the award for the second time. Cloth and soapy water may also be used for simple maintenance clean-up of your awards.

3. Store-bought cleaner

If your glass engraved award plaques are coated with lingering dirt, you can use a store-bought cleaner. Ammonia-based cleaners from your local store are considered generally safe to use. First, rub it with a dry piece of cloth to rid it of dust. Afterwards, you can either use the same cloth or a new one to drench with the solution. After that, mindfully wipe off the grime build-up until they are clean.

4. Plain white vinegar

Another cleaner that you can use to keep the remembrances from your company glossy is a normal item from the kitchen: plain white vinegar. However, since it can be pretty acidic, ensure to thin it down with water first. A 4 to 1 ratio of vinegar to water is enough to tidy up your glass plaque award.