Visit my website Singer/Songwriter INTRNL RECORDING ARTIST. Born October 7, 1982 (Libra)Shantel was demanded to carry out family legacies ,got her start in Europe mid-2000s selling breaking numbers neVer stepping foot in Uk charts stores goods units sold in major distribution made a Household name for her self now accepted for RealityTv currently looking for film/tv/radio auditions,placements, jobs to help pay budget as a fulltime entertainer. GREAT NEICE /Mentor OF Isaac Hayes. HOPSON learned wrong spelling of name taught by slaves as time went on found right spelling HOBSON both are kinfolks.

Former Gospel -legend recording artist the famous songbird GrandFather signed onto jewels records teaching developing early vocals somedays,holiday gatherings,church rehersal with Grandchild traveling started ta age 5 performing being requested all her life slowed down went to join family Group Shantel been apart of other entertaing duos,band,chorales; Etc.

“It’s always going to be gospel,” she said. “That’s where I started. That’s my roots.

Hobson started sounding off in the WIS Stateline Area Beloit in competitions and couple talent shows two tropheys award placement ribbons in school certificates; most things have been lost over time with her family moving offered a contract at MJ RECORDS.Seeing a family friend on BET one day it bigtime gave shantel hope. Alot of offers on table,broken promises from Entertainment Industries,no supporters, shantel was turned away but never gave up.Currently castings for RealityTv,RAdio,Film,Model Agencys and more.Itunes & Rhaspody singles,"IWANTU " & "QUIET STORM .Female songstress from across the UK.European Selling Impressive Reports never stepped foot in uk.Later became celebrity in her own rights as SONYA milwaukee wi union launched a radio station becoming a Professional Celebrity Radio & Podcast live Journalist

Because of Violance Hospitalized died returned with faith heaven restored life multiple times Shantel left to heal team members went too far.Now Shantel is on a journey for peace.StartingOver brandnew& new staffing.

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