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If you're planning a trip to Jamaica for whatever reason (business, family reunion, etc.) there is some very important information you need to have in front of you. This application will tell you everything from where to get a passport to when you can leave and go back to Jamaica. Here's everything you need to know.

You will need to first apply for your Jamaica Travel Authorization before you can travel to another country. Once you click that, it will ask you whether you actually live in Jamaica or whether you are a non-resident of that other country. If you do not live in Jamaica, simply click on "No" and it will take you to the National Portrait Gallery website to fill out the necessary forms. Once you have provided all necessary information, you can check-in electronically at your port of call.

If you are Jamaican-bound and need to leave Jamaica at any time, you will need to check in with the Jamaica Gardening Authority. This is the equivalent to a US customs officer. The Gardening Authority provides important information about Jamaica, including social distancing markers as well as the procedures for entering and leaving the island. It's always advisable to visit the Jamaica Gardening Authority before you leave the island. You can even complete a Jamaica Travel Authorization Form at home and print it out. You can definitely refer to that when you need to enter or exit the island.

After you have applied for your Jamaica Travel Authorization, you will need to undergo a drug test at the designated Jamaica Health Office. Failure to pass will result in you being required to follow all approved social distancing procedures as approved by the Gardening Authority of Jamaica. If you pass, you will be issued a positive identification card that will allow you to go to another screening center. Remember that if your Jamaica Travel Authorization was granted on the basis of a negative covid-19 testing, you will need to submit to a second drug test. On successful completion of the drug test, you'll be issued a Jamaica Travel Authorization card with a red lock on it.