Sharanam Shah

I am a hard-core techno geek. I am enthralled by the way computers and software technology can be used to solve problems and improve the world.

I began my vocation as a Programmer, moved up as Database Designer - Systems Analyst - Lead Architect.

During this phase, I crafted and lead several commercial applications using PHP with MySQL community server or Oracle as the data store.

Currently I am a Technical Writer of a reputed software development house in Mumbai, India, working on projects, trying to improve myself continuously and giving form to my idea.

As a Technical Author, I have a long experience of producing professional documentation for the IT industry.

I also consult with several software houses in Mumbai, India, to help them design and manage database applications.

My next most rewarding time is spent in WRITING books. Till date, I have authored and co-authored more than 20 technical books which are widely referred across the globe.

A complete list of my books can be found @