Sharon Bidwell

Writer and published author in the United Kingdom

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Sharon was born in London on New Year’s Eve. She has always followed many creative pursuits. Eventually, her love of books and a wild imagination compelled her to focus on writing. . The editor announced her as “a writer who is going places” and described the story as having “both a Sci- and horror element,” and being “strong on characterisation, and literary, in terms of style.” Subsequently, she to write all reports and publicity material, including a piece for translation into Braille for The Nursery and Arthritis Care Breaking Down the Barriers garden project, which took place at the Malvern Spring Show.

Since then, her work has appeared steadily in both print and electronic publications, such as Midnight Street, Aoife’s Kiss (Sam’s Dot Publishing), Night To Dawn, and (). Her short story — Bitter and Intoxicating — up in the anthology Red Velvet and Absinthe. This compilation, edited by Mitzi Szereto with a foreword by , the romantic ethos of classic Gothic fiction with a serving of eroticism. With a repertoire of twisted tales and a love of cross-genre writing, it surprised everyone (including herself) when she branched out into erotic romance. These works have and often described as ‘deeply passionate’.

She into the Steampunk universe of Space, 1899 and beyond, winning approval of series creator and award-winning game designer, Frank Chadwick, with three books, one of which -authored with (and writer) Andy Frankham-Allen, and subsequently led to her writing for the Lethbridge-Stewart series, and Doctor Who with her first audio short story coming in January 2020 from Big Finish Productions.

Sharon’s worlds are vivid, unexpected and sometimes intensely magical. Sharon writes whatever her warped mind can come up with and something darker, grittier, and even outright twisted. Though her love for all things Myth and Legend has led her to write under one name, from 2019 she's using S.MBidwell for her Dark Fiction.

During her writing career she’s lived in a house with a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs, shared a publisher with the creator of Roger Rabbit, and has taken a trip to Jupiter. Only one of these has been in her imagination.

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