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Sharyn Baker is a content researcher and editorial assistant for AllAboutWaterFilters and focuses on article content about water treatment, off-grid water filtration and outdoor survival preparedness. She has previously worked for a wide range of online publications as a content production assistant, editorial assistant and ghost writer, with an emphasis on off-grid water filtration. She is presently working on a regular basis at AllAboutWaterFilters as well as her own personal water treatment articles and blogs.

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Filtration is the most crucial step in any water treatment procedure. The majority of us get our drinking water from a treated municipal supply, which is suitable for drinking but frequently has unpleasant tastes and odors from disinfectants like chlorine, which are used to keep the water free of germs and bacteria. Water filters operate as a physical barrier, preventing particles (such as sand) and microorganisms from entering the system. Filtering is primarily used to remove pollutants from drinking water. This is done by passing the water through water filter media, which is usually a screen-like item.
Almost any material may be used as media as long as it enables water to pass through while preventing solids from passing through. These particles become ensnared and clash with one another when they come into contact with the filter. The size of the gap between the media, commonly known as the pore size, determines the effectiveness of a filter. The size of the holes in the filter layer or membrane will determine the water flow rate. A fine filter with the tiniest gaps will lead to a reduced water flow, as will a blocked filter. Before you purchase a water filter, think about the amount of water you'll need and how long it will take to filter it.

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